About Us

In an effort to meet the needs of a diverse and expanding community, M.S. 145 opened its doors in September, 1965. The name Arturo Toscanini was selected to honor a distinguished musician, conductor and resident of the Bronx, Maestro Arturo Toscanini. Courses offering instrumental and choral forms of music were made available to combine the worlds of the scholar and artist. That same tradition continues today.

Arturo Toscanini

The Academy for Creative Education and the Arts at M.S. 145 was created for this purpose. We offer an academically rigorous and innovative program stressing high standards of performance, study and discipline. The Academy program emphasizes analytical thinking skills, communication skills and independent research. All students participate in high performance based academic core concentrations in both Mathematics and Literacy through extended blocks of time. Within a framework of academic and interdisciplinary richness, students explore a curriculum emphasizing the arts. Drama, vocal, dance, instrumental and choral music, and the fine arts are offered. Students actively participate in a series of performances, both in and out of our school community, which highlight their intellectual and personal development. Each individual is expected, on such occasions, to dress in a professional and sophisticated manner emphasizing the role of a performer. Additional emphasis is placed on the learning of a second language and gaining computer skills, as well as incorporating science through technology into cooperative learning activities.

An extended day program, as well as Saturday and Vacation Academies, are available for students seeking to learn beyond the confines of the regular school day. Exciting and challenging courses are offered in academics, vocal and instrumental stage performance refinement, fine arts portfolio creation in preparation for specialized high school acceptance and computer generated publication for our senior students utilizing digital photography and computer graphics. Additional preparatory opportunity for those seeking entrance to the Albert G. Oliver program, ABC (A Better Chance,) or specialized high schools such as Bronx Science are also provided.

The Academy’s staff endeavors to provide a caring and nurturing environment which will support students as they meet the objectives of Performance Standards. The teaching team targeted for this academy is composed of committed and experienced professionals drawn from the finest schools. A student-centered environment is the focus of our teaching/learning experience and is grounded in the most progressive adolescent theories. We will challenge each student to become a lifelong learner and a responsible, productive citizen.